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Suby's Garlands are made from leftover collection textiles. They are a perfect wall decoration for a child's room! You can also use it in other rooms in your home or for a party!

COLOR colourful

COMPOSITION leftover textiles
100% Linen woven in Ireland, flax grown in Belgium.
100% Organic Cotton Muslin with GOTS certified handpicked in India from ecologically cultivated farm. Woven in Łódź, Poland. (Cotton is not grown in Europe since the climate in Europe is unsuitable for farming cotton.)

DETAILS The total length of the garland is 200cm. Pennants,  measuring 22 cm.

CERTIFICATION: GOTS certified Organic Cotton Muslin cloth, Oeko- tex, Irish Linen

WHO MADE IT  Ethically made in Łódź, Poland by Miss Iwona team. 


Suby's entire packaging is compostable and recyclable. Cardboard boxes can be recycled or divided into small pieces and disposed of in a compost bin. Once opened, compostable mailers should be discarded in a compost bin to allow full decomposition in 3-6 months.


We strongly recommend washing your garments only when they are visibly dirty otherwise air them. Use a gentle washing detergent, an ECO egg or soap nuts. Try to avoid using a dryer. If you need to, set it to low heat mode to make your clothes last longer and save energy. Eco egg drying bowls are also recommended.