CEO and clothes designer at SUBY
At present Katarzyna is a nurse manager at a Children’s Hospital in Dublin. She is also a clothes designer and first time mum to Fiadh.

She studied Art and Fashion at Łódź University and completed a Masters Degree in Nursing at Warsaw University. This joint experience in the fields of both medicine and fashion have helped her to create a sustainable and functional kids clothes brand. Katarzyna has become increasingly concerned about our planet and in recent years began researching options for sustainable fashion. She places great importance on product quality – defined by durability and use of natural products. Elements such as re-using, recycling and repair are central to her philosophy, the transitory fashion trends so common worldwide today are certainly not part of the Suby brand!

The main aim of Suby is to produce less but of high quality and high finish to ensure a longlife.  BUY LESS BUY BETTER!

Inspired by Irish history, travel, protection of nature and life by the sea, Suby offer a unique selection of kids clothes. 


Suby was founded in 2022 to create sustainable kids brand.  
Suby's clothes are designed in Dublin with respect to the nature.
All our textiles are produced in Europe from certified materials.
We manufacture locally in our Dublin studio and in Poland by amazing seamstresses and craftspeople in Lodz who follow a fair trade ethos.
Our clothes are made to have a long llfe, they can be repaired, upcycled, repurposed and recycled and used again.
Leftover fabric is used to make scrunchies, linen bags, hats, garlands and headbands.